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We're a writer and a photographer. This website is our collaborative mobile project aimed at fusing our respective arts. Our project is made up of three strands:


The PSofL Letter Writing RevivalThe Peanut Society of LucubratorsFilthy Feet Photos in collaboration with The Peanut Society of Lucubrators  

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The Peanut Society of Lucubrators blog


Features regular eclectic articles centred around travel, mindsets in new places, adapting and improvising abroad, literary surrealism, impressions and new perspectives, ideas for living, seeking out leftfield spots, insights into artistic and literary lives, alternative career inspiration, the unexpected, economical living, the miscellaneous. In short, this wide-ranging blog has something for everyone.


PSofL Letters


Promoting the art of aesthetic letter writing as a lasting alternative to throwaway e-communication. Deepen your friendships, produce something permanent, and learn how to make the postman smile!


Filthy Feet Photos


Provides photgraphs to accompany the articles on this website. Original photographs of forgotten scenes from around the world are also exhibited on the Filthy Feet Photogallery page. Prints of these photographs are available to buy in various sizes on the For Sale / Gifts page.



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We anticipate visits from some of the following:

Someone seeking inspiration to change their life. A reader seeking passive escapism. A letter writer of the future, or one of the rare existing ones. A visceral book lover. You're captivated by art and photography, by how people live. You travel, or you'd like to (it's never too late!) Someone who wanders around and notices the subtle things that scream out, beautiful and ugly. Perhaps someone who likes colours. An individual who likes world cinema and doesn't mind subtitles. A quiet dreamer. A mind for images. A conversationalist/raconteur. Someone who has seen a lot of the world, or one who is still standing at the foot of it. A sensationalist, a nihilist, a sentimentalist. A lost soul? You like old postcards? Certainly we're happy to receive aesthetes of all descriptions... but be sure that on this site there's something for almost anyone.


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