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Introduction to The Peanut Society of Lucubrators

This blog features regular eclectic articles centred around travel, mindsets in new places, adapting and improvising abroad, literary surrealism, impressions and new perspectives, ideas for living, seeking out leftfield spots, insights into artistic and literary lives, alternative career inspiration, the unexpected, economic ingenuity, the miscellaneous. In short, this wide-ranging blog has something for everyone!



Budapest Property Prices 2045 (The Calculator Test)

08/10/2015 12:26
  Do you hope to make that bold move but fall short a little in confidence? I've been on the recent journey of putting down what I've learned into a new book designed to help other people get on the right side of rising property prices. But why would you buy anywhere, including Budapest?...

YouTube channel launched! The first PSofL vlog reports from Sarajevo

03/06/2015 16:09
  Check out the first video below, where I give a tour of Sarajevo, weaving through its tower blocks and quirkiest bars. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay tuned for the next installment – a look inside an abandoned Bosnian building. Comments are welcome on YouTube or in our...

Sarajevo's Wonderland Cafes and Bars – My Top 4 Magic Hideaways

25/05/2015 12:15
  A coffee or beer in Sarajevo is a quirky blessing. Within a short walk the variety goes off the scale. And you all know how I love a novelty toilet... Don't go to Bosnia without reading about these, my top four side alley hideaway haunts.   Čajdžinica Džirlo Tea House Deep breath. I...

HQ Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

13/05/2015 01:35
  Over half a kilometre above sea level, the windy Muslim-majority city of Sarajevo blows cold, in spite of early summer sun, when darkness falls. Our HQ here is in a tower block in Kovačići, beyond the minarets and reconstructed glass skyscrapers that identify the city centre. Sarajevo sits...

Budapest's Underworld Orifice – The Piaf Club

23/04/2015 18:30
  4.15am. Touching the bell announces our arrival, the solid door opens and we're ushered inside the dark entryway for a moment by a curt but welcoming chief madame; short, middle aged and seemingly in a rush. To the sound of a piano she gives us a swift once over from head to toe. Cleared,...

The Pleasures of Zagreb – Disneyland for books

11/02/2015 18:56
  Caffeine-addicted? You'll like this place. I'm finishing my novel in Europe's most underrated capital, during which time many people have asked, “What is Zagreb like?”   Aside from a smattering of the usual Balkan ingredients – the crazy driving, ground floor to entresol graffiti...

The Oil Paintings Behind Employment Law

23/12/2014 20:30
  Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) was a romantic painter born in the Aragon region of North-East Spain. Despite a long career producing many portraits for Royalty and aristocrats, the posthumous Goya became best known for his most personal and unusual pieces – the dark, haunting portraits of...

Inside Erotic Retail – An Interview with Budapest's Forgotten Employees

14/11/2014 20:15
  Ever wondered what's inside the shadows? I visited seven sex shops one bright afternoon to interview the city's least visible wage earners.   Penetrating beyond the blackened windows, down lonely silent stairs and into the steaming bowels of Budapest's established titillation industry,...

Reducing One's Conditions: The Current PSofL HQ

10/09/2014 20:10
  I'm editing off my novel in reducing conditions, in our current headquarters, this strangers' house. I'm living economically in a shared storage unit on a residential street... among these sensations of the halfway house, this 'lodging' that's full with...   Horizontal...
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About the Author: Martin Green is a British writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a UK employment law specialist. He is currently busy building a new international property blog, and has run The Peanut Society of Lucubrators blog since 2012. His next book for publication will be his completed debut novel, spanning eight European countries, about two men's struggle to find full-force friendship in our times. 

Twitter: @peanutluc and @pwithconfidence