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What is Filthy Feet Photos?

Filthy Feet Photos is about capturing on film (ok, so digitally) the little things which often go unnoticed. You'll see images of street art (which may be intentional or not). Or things that have been forgotten and are now frozen in time. Curious? You should be! Serbia, Hungary, Spain.....these are just a few of the places featured in the PhotoGallery. So have a look at an alternative take on these might be surprised.


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The PhotoGallery will be updated regularly with new, interesting photos. These images are unique, personal and full of character. If you like my photos, why not consider purchasing one? You can purchase any of the images in the PhotoGallery (and on my Flickr page) as a print. Prints are available in a variety of sizes and prices include post & packaging (for the UK - please ask for international delivery prices). Discount available for multiple items.


Why should you buy an original print from Filthy Feet Photos?

  • Your image will be printed on high quality paper
  • Choose from a matte or gloss finish, with or without a border
  • Secure and easy payment via Paypal
  • Delivery to the address of your choice


High resolution images ideal for framing, as a momento or a curiosity 


Brighten up your desk, fridge or bookcase 


Frame to make a bold statement in your lounge, bedroom or study


The perfect gift for the free-spirited......young and old



How to Purchase Your Print


1. Vist the Filthy Feet PhotoGallery and choose your photo(s)

2. Scroll to the bottom of the PhotoGallery page and click the 'Buy Prints' link, which will take you to our For Sale / Gifts page.

3. Select the size of print you want from the list (contact us if the size you want is not listed)

4. Click on the PayPal logo which will allow you to make your payment. Don't worry, PayPal is fast and secure.

5. Once you have completed your PayPal transaction, visit the Contact Us page, and send us a message (using the feedback form) with the following details:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your address (and the address of where you want your print sent to if this is different)
  • The name of the photo you have purchased
  • Whether you would like a matte or gloss finish
  • Your border choice, if any (available on standard prints only - black, white or 'torn' effect)

6. We will then confirm your order by email and give you an approximate delivery date.



Commissions Welcome


Image Licensing Requests Considered


                        Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.