Receiving a Letter: The Last Honour

20/04/2013 13:00


Sending a letter is easy, though too time consuming in the eyes of most people. Receiving one in return, then, becomes something of a miracle. With this in mind, over the next few weeks I'll be writing to three selected writers out of nubiform curiosity.


First up, I've written to an author and journalist whose books include Cock and Bull, Grey Area, and Umbrella. This letter is now in the post to London, to an industry person who I trust will forward it to him. In the letter I recount to this writer the humorous story of when I entered Serbia's upper echelons for a night.


Random sentence from the letter:

I'm no friend of the Brazilian Ambassador, they know that.”


Here's the envelope that this letter is making its way in:



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But now I ask and invite you readers to give us your impression of whether you think that writers are more likely to reply to paper letters than non-writers. I would predict not, but I'd be very happily proved wrong. What is your impression? Don't think about it much, just vote by clicking one of the options below.


Your instinctive views will be put to the test against the outcome of this Peanut Society of Lucubrators series of three letters to writers experiments, all under the name of: 'Receiving a Letter: The Last Honour.'  



Group most likely to reply to a paper letter?

Writers (16)

Non-writers (3)

Total votes: 19

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