The LWR Letterbox in the Republic of Serbia

15/09/2012 18:01


Our small and tatty, not-meant-to-be floor-standing letterbox props itself up outside the door to our temporary headquarters, lying in wait for the postman and your letters. It's fully accessible, with a loose door that swings open at will and no key. Nevertheless, it can be a lottery as to whether our letters make it into the rogue box; some well-adjusted posties don't look down. The story of the box goes that the idiosyncratic old chap got drunk and a little dizzy and fell off the wall. The old box hasn't made it back to display height since, and why should he? We love the insouciance of not repairing things, of leaving them as they fall.... it's a window into a less codified world, one where the only value of an object is its unique beauty - the wonderfully innocent world of the wobbly wooden letterbox. Climbing upwards may be the automatic pursuit of many, but the world can be much more beautiful from the bottom. So, if you find yourself in a rut, follow this inanimate role model and escape your fixed position. You too can jump off the wall, unlock yourself, and write letters fit for the underworld.


The mostly functioning letterbox at The Letter Writing Revival's HQ



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