Decorating your envelope's rear - glue and imagery, the new sealing wax

04/10/2012 13:02



The design of each Letter Writing Revival  envelope is different. The image acts as a seal, forcing the recipient to experience the deviant pleasure of destroying it upon opening, whether by slicing through the personalised seal with a craft knife or otherwise.


When choosing an image, find something that resonates with you, and look out for images wherever you go. Note that a relatively intricate, irregular shape, meticulously cut out, should produce the greatest finished effect. Once the glue has dried and you've smoothed the image (by pressing it with the head of a heavy pen) to give a purely flattened finish and to avoid loose edges, you're ready to indulge in the joy of running your decorated letter to the post office, at home or abroad. Make a memorable impression, and remember the letters you receive – it's a faultless reciprocity, and the perfect gift without buying anything.



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