Budapest toilets in ruin pubs and rooftop bars

15/09/2012 16:58

Budapest is now famous for its highly sensory ruin pubs, kerts and bars, but let's not ignore their toilets! For Budapest's drinking spots to achieve their full effect it's equally important for them to creatively decorate their toilets as it is their seating and bar areas.


Szimpla Kert, for example, as Budapest's most widely known super ruin pub, has recently erased the character of layers of bloodthirsty graffiti and countless square stickers from the tiled walls of the men's toilet. So entering through the unmarked squeaking wooden swing doors into the red light now presents a blank canvas on the white tiles, with the remnant graffiti at higher level in the cubicles and on the doors. Give us the graffiti back!




This unfortunate clean out in Szimpla means that Corvinteto, on the roof of the imposing old Corvin department store building, could for the moment hold the crown for their striking light toilet design. Here (on the 6th floor) you'll find white walls plastered with large orange, pink and red lettering, presenting you with a modern twist on traditional style graffiti. The central feature in the mens' is the large 'REDRUM', from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining', that sits on the wall opposite the sinks so that it reflects in the long mirror while you stare at your bleary eyes and tousle your hair. And you can give the lady seated at the entrance a few Forints if you wish, but know that it's completely optional (unlike some toilets in Hungary), so don't be deceived by the eye contact and careful placement of a plate of coins! Here you're allowed to pee for free.




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