Biography of a Broken Man - Character Precursor

04/04/2014 17:44


He enjoys newspaper and blowing glass, and no one gives a shit about him. The sight of his car makes him dribble diarrhoea like the washing powder allowance. One day, he dreamed, he'd move to a house full of sub-standard furniture. But he forgot about the idea and festered, like caved-in onions. 


He missed her intimidating perfume and sticky bubblegum smell... How she used to say: "Office work is bad for the bladder." And how he'd answer: "Everything is." Her chin stuck out, she had the scar above her right elbow; she vanished.


His brogues rub. Eyes glazed over in the bad way. He shuffles around  like bandy plastic – in that mitosis city you live in. He's touched your favourite cash machine. A broken man, getting older, who's almost in the dictionary under E.