Try our NEW Typewriter Service (perfect for special occasions)

23/01/2013 01:33


Communicate like a star!  It's here!  Introducing a new combined kind of letter service...


Send us the text of your letter or greeting and we'll type it for you on one of our fine historical typewriters – either this antique black Erika Naumann portable, made in Dresden around 1910, or this retro green UNIS 'tbm de Luxe' solid portable, made in Sarajevo in the 1970s. We can send a letter anywhere in the world; the postage is included in the price.



How Does it Work?


Simply send us the text you want typed using the 'Contact us' section, plus the name and address of the person you want the letter sent to. Then pay using the secure Paypal button (at the very bottom of this article) and you're done.


Your letter will then be promptly typed (the same day) on high quality Conqueror A4 white paper, and sealed in a matching high quality Conqueror envelope. The name and address of the recipient will be typed onto the envelope's front, and we will also add a striking Letter Writing Revival design across the seal on the rear of the envelope (every LWR envelope design is different!)


Delivery: Please allow one week for your high impact letter to be delivered

(from when you provide the details and pay).


Price: £8 GBP per letter (up to 250 words). Worldwide postage, quality stationery and design are all included.


Make someone's year with a personal typewritten letter. Correspond in an unusual way, wrapped in a unique LWR designed envelope that won't be forgotten. Use our new service to send someone an exotic letter that they'll keep forever...


Send us your requests for any kind of letter – we'll transform the words of your correspondence.


PERFECT FOR BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, WEDDINGS, AND OTHER SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Send us your message and we'll send it off in style to the address of your chosen recipient. Some detail can be added in red ink at your request (the address on the envelope, for example).





The New LWR typewriting service – Retro, Quality, Fun & Memorable

(in association with The Peanut Society of Lucubrators)


Send us a message today; try it for yourself!


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