The Morning Correspondence Walk - open & absorb your letters outside!

16/09/2012 16:49

Ever taken the time to walk to the right spot before shearing open your letters once the postman's been? If not, why not make it a new habit. As attested by Nietzsche, walking is the perfect stimulant to get you thinking. It helps you make decisions by clarifying the cloud of ideas in your mind. After the walk comes the anticipated letter opening. Admittedly, in the past I liked to do this sitting on a stool in a library, looking out of the window with the sun on my back. Sometimes possible, sometimes not. However, on all but rainy days it really feels good to perform this ritual outside. You might find an undisturbed spot in a small park. Is there an old chair waiting around the back of your local supermarket? This private alleyway in Belgrade (pictured) is a spot on area. Deal with your correspondence sitting on gravel even, on car park perimeters, whatever feels right. Anywhere reasonably quiet is fine to break open your envelope seals, but make it yours! Only give your head a fighting chance - get there with a morning correspondence walk! It'll increase your perception and sensitivity when the moment comes to read through the words that someone has chosen especially for you. If the letters clutched in your hand are worth the wait then you'll feel renewed like nothing else. If not, on your way back you'll be sure to walk off the disappointment before a late breakfast.




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